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Above the Curve

SAMA Website Evolution
By Miachelle DePiano
Posted on 9/3/2017 2:06 PM
SAMA is growing and evolving. As we continuously work with our merchant members and seek ways to give our members the support and information they need and deserve, we realized an area of opportunity is our communications. Therefore, we created a new Communications Committee, which consists of Kenyatta Turner, Annie Cavanagh, Rochelle Poulton, Theresa Martin-Snyder, Brian Mori, and Miachelle DePiano. Together, we've identified several short term goals we need to achieve:
  • Improve the navigation and the content on the website.
  • Reinvigorate the SAMA newsletter.
  • Tell YOUR story, and let the community know about you and your business.
  • Create a podcast as one of the vehicles for telling those stories.
  • Improve our social media presence for promoting our merchants and telling our community stories.
The navigation has already been changed, and we hope your user experience is improved. By all means, please provide your thoughts on the navigation of the website. You may encounter blank pages for a bit; improving a website is a lot of work, and first we have to build the bones before we can improve the rest. But please keep checking back, and we look forward to serving the merchants and the residents of the Melrose District and Seventh Avenue.

The SAMA Communications Team
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